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Whether it's spring, summer, or fall, everyone likes to keep their grass green and healthy. We at Spruce It Up Lawn Maintenance aim to help you do just that! Our fertilizer packages help prevent crabgrass, replenish nutrients, promote growth and color, restore your lawn from stress, and prepare your lawn for the winter. We use granular fertilizer because of the slow release of nitrogen instead of all at once. Go ahead and pick from one, or all, of our packages. You can always call us today for a free consultation!


Spring Application: A custom-blended fertilizer designed to replenish depleted nutrients from winter stress is applied as well as a pre-emergent crabgrass to prevent crabgrass from germinating.

Early Summer Application: A fertilizer designed to maintain color and enhance plant development and growth. Additionally, a broadleaf weed control is used to treat emerging weeds.

Summer Application: A slow-release, non-burning granular fertilizer is used to maintain color and proper nutrition. Also, spot treatment of the weeds.

Early Fall Application: A fertilizer treatment designed to help restore the health and vigor of your lawn following summer stress and broadleaf weed control to take care of any remaining weeds.

Late Fall Application: A fertilizer specifically blended to promote fall root development and nutrient storage for winter survival.

Lawn Mowing Prices:

Starting at $35.00


$50 per hour for rough vacant lot (1 hour minimum)

*Prices listed do not include sales tax **Prices listed are within a rough estimate and additional charges may may be applied upon visual inspection of the property with examples including edging, small fenced in backyards, excessive trimming, mowing type, etc.

Fertilizing Prices:

Our prices start at $35.00

*Price listed do not include sales tax **This price is for our fertilizer application only and does not include broadleaf weed control, which is a separate charge.

Lawn Spraying:

Spruce It Up offers lawn spraying for weeds. This is a separate service from fertilizing. What this means is that we can spray your lawn for just weeds without having to do a fertilizer application. Doing so is beneficial to helping ensure your lawn stays beautiful all season long and free from weeds that might try to take over.

Our prices start at $30.00

*Price listed does not include sales tax


Lawn Mowing: Residential and Commercial Properties


With years of experience, Joe and Chad are some of the best, and always do a professional job at mowing and trimming. There isn't a job that Spruce It Up hasn't encountered. We maintain all our mowers everyday to ensure they are in working order to provide you and your lawn with a professional clean cut. We offer competitive pricing, along with professional quality, in a time efficient manner.

  • We continuously change the blades on all our mowers to maintain the sharpest possible cut

  • We always make sure to clean up sidewalks, driveways, rock, and mulch beds of any grass clippings

  • We pre-examine your property to ensure we do our best job

  • We offer free consultations

  • We offer a one time cut or season long service

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