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Lawn Mowing


Lawn Mowing Prices:

Starting at $50.00


$70 per man hour for rough vacant lot (1 hour minimum)

*Sales tax for county of customer address will be added to invoice

**Prices listed are within a rough estimate and additional charges may may be applied upon visual inspection of the property with examples including edging, small fenced in backyards, excessive trimming, mowing type, etc.

Lawn Mowing: Residential and Commercial Properties


With years of experience, our team members are some of the best, and always do a professional job at mowing and trimming. There isn't a job that Spruce It Up hasn't encountered. We maintain all our mowers everyday to ensure they are in working order to provide you and your lawn with a professional clean cut. We offer competitive pricing, along with professional quality, in a time efficient manner.

  • We continuously change the blades on all our mowers to maintain the sharpest possible cut

  • We always make sure to clean up sidewalks, driveways, rock, and mulch beds of any grass clippings

  • We pre-examine your property to ensure we do our best job

  • We offer free consultations

  • We offer a one time cut or season long service

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