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  Services & Prices  

 Below are the services we offer with a brief description. Please select a service for more   details! 

 Aeration is the process of poking a series of holes into the dirt in order to allow water and   nutrients   to penetrate into the dirt. This allows the grass to grow in a healthy manner


 Dethatching is a raking process that allows the lifting and removal of dead grass. It also helps to   lift   up your grass from being matted down by snow.  

 Tired of raking and blowing leaves? We got you covered! We blow out leaves, pick them up, and   even haul away the debris so your lawn is ready for the winter.  

 Our fertilizer packages help prevent crabgrass, replenish nutrients, promote growth and color,   restore your lawn from stress, and prepare your lawn for the winter. 

 Mulch wears and fades away as years go by. Updating your mulch helps restore its appeal & color   and automatically helps your landscape beds look new again. Prices vary by mulch needed. 

 With years of experience, we do our very best to ensure you get clean & straight lines. We maintain     all our equipment weekly to ensure you get the best cut. 

 Pruning your shrubs is a necessity to prevent overgrowth and dead spots. This helps keep a shrub     healthy for years to come and cut down on replacement costs. 

 Reseeding helps your lawn look thicker and greener from previous wear and tear. It also helps   correct any patchy areas. Best results when done in spring. Prices vary by size of areas. 

 With the snow gone, it's time to get your lawn ready for the summer months. We do just that by   cleaning up any leftover debris and will even haul it away for you. Starting at $60 

 Nobody loves having to shovel and snow blow during the winter. We get it. Don't worry, we can do   all the work and heavy lifting for you though. Prices vary by property. 

 Got weeds? Let's be honest, everyone does and it can be time consuming to keep up on. We can   take  care of those weeds for you and keep them under control!  

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